Comprend rapporterar från Web Summit



Nu har vi skrivit tre inlägg på vår blogg på Comprend om trenderna från Web Summit i Lissabon 2016. OBS – på engelska.

Is your design helping or distracting the users

”Designers and service providers need to start thinking more about what the user is trying to achieve rather than going out of their way to keep the users’ attention. Tinder is another example. The goal with a dating service should be to find a date for the evening, not to sit at home alone swiping for hours. But Tinder is not designed to get the user off the screen, instead it helps people to keep on swiping.”

Understanding the millennials

”One key takeaway is the insight that this generation do not want to be disturbed. They use adblockers to avoid seeing intrusive advertising and they want to hang out within their communities of interests, talking about what matters to them.”

VR, AR and AI – what is possible now and in the near future

”The next step in the development will be in creating transparent glasses where virtual reality and augmented reality have the opportunity to meet. Then we will really see some interesting applications and enhancements to the user experience.”

Dessa artiklar var med i Comprends nyhetsbrev. Missa inte – prenumerera nu.


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